Krížová Ves – Holy Cross Church


The church was built around 1300. It is mentioned in 1315, when the village belonged to the Order of the Holy Sepulchre. In the 14th century it was rebuilt, and further corrections were made in the fifteenth century. Most likely, at the end of the fourteenth century, the interior was decorated with paintings on the walls. They were restored and repainted in 1898 by Jozef Huszek, and later in 1938 by Jozef Hanul. In the 17th century, the wooden ceiling in the nave was replaced with a baroque vault.


The temple is a gothic single-nave church with a square chancel from the east, sacristy on the north side and a tower on the west side. The southern side of the nave is dominated by the gothic portal. The interior of the chancel has a rib vault with brackets decorated with plants and human faces. The medieval polychromes are also preserved in the chancel. In addition, you can see the baptismal font from the fourteenth century.

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