Kremnica – St Catherine’s Church


   The beginning of the construction of the church of St. Catherine is not fully explained. Probably the original Romanesque temple was built in the first half of the 13th century. At the latest in the second half of the fourteenth century, the perimeter walls of the new Gothic chancel were built, and at the beginning of the fifteenth century work continued on the Gothic rebuilding of the rest of the church. Renaissance modifications were mainly related to rebuilding after the devastating fire of 1560. During this period, the church tower was rebuilt, which is documented with signs and inscriptions placed on it, but probably it existed earlier, as an element of the castle’s fortification. The last renovation, which changed the external appearance and general silhouette of the church, took place in the eighties of the 19th century. The elevations were covered with new plasters, and on the top of the tower a high, needle roof with four side turrets, was erected. The interior has been partially changed by the construction of a new organ platform and a new window from the sacristy to the presbytery.


   The church was erected as a Gothic, two-aisle building with a tall, four-sided tower on the western side and with a polygonal chancel from the east. The sacristy was added to the chancel from the north. In the corner of the chancel and the sacristy, a small communication tower was placed, and a similar one was found on the opposite side of the chancel. Gothic chapels were placed on the northern and southern facades of the nave. On the southern side, apart from the chapel, there is also a protruding part with an arcade and an entrance portal.
The west tower was probably built in the 16th century and, in addition to being a bell tower, also served as a watchtower. Its facades have horizontal divisions of individual floors and stone corners and resemble similar solutions of the nearby Clock Tower. At the top of the church tower there was a chamber of guards, who were holding the guard and watched over the safety of the city and the castle.
The interior of the chancel of the church received a net vault in the 15th century, while the aisles of the nave have cross-rib vaults and rib vaults in the form of swallow tails, so-called Kremnica Fives.

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