Košice – St Michael’s Church


   The church was probably built in the first half of the 14th century as a cemetery chapel. Its upper part served as a morgue, and the lower part served as an ossuary. Later, the chapel served the liturgical purposes of the Slovaks, as opposed to the cathedral of St. Elisabeth to which Germans and Hungarians attended. In the fifteenth century, the chapel was severely damaged by the artillery attack of the Polish-Lithuanian army. Its reconstruction was carried out in 1508, enlarging the church by an additional side aisle. Unfortunately, in 1556 the chapel was burned during a massive fire in Košice and had to be rebuilt again. During the reconstruction in the years 1902-1904, the northern nave was demolished and 17 tombstones were laid in the outer walls of the chapel. The poor condition of the building was the reason for the next renovation works in 1998-2006.


   It is a gothic single-nave building with a polygonal chancel, a western tower built into the church’s nave and a sacristy on the north side. From the outside, there are many buttresses, between which tall and narrow pointed windows were pierced. Inside there is a rib vault, and under the church there is a crypt with the ossuary.

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