Kamenica – castle


The castle was erected around 1270, as we learn from the document of king Stefan V transferring the castle to the sons of Dettrich. These descendants soon exchanged their lands with the nobles from the nearby Torys. In 1306, the existence of a castle, called Thorkou, which was owned by the knight Rikolf, is confirmed. He later took over the name Tarkoi (Tarcai) from the name of the castle, and his family ruled the stronghold until the eighteenth century. In the fifteenth century, the castle was besieged by John Jiskra’s troops serving the Habsburgs. During the fights for the crown between John Zápolya and Ferdinand Habsburg, Tarcajs actively supported Zapolya. In 1556, the castle was besieged and conquered by Marcel Dettrich, a supporter of Ferdinand Habsburg. After the fighting ceased, the Tarcajs regained it, while receiving royal forgiveness. In the 17th century the castle was in bad condition and at the end of this century it was abandoned. At the beginning of the 19th century, the surrounding peasant population dismantled the ruins for obtaining building material.


The stronghold consisted of a two-part upper castle and a vast outer ward. The oldest part of the site was located on two rocky spurs located opposite each other on the north-south line. The southern part consisted of a residential house and a cylindrical tower with a wall thickness of up to 2.2 meters north of it. Buildings located on the next elevation on the north side probably had a two-wing building with dimensions of 17.5 x 20 meters and two cylindrical towers at the foot of the hill. Both parts were connected by defensive walls, separating the inner courtyard between the hills. The furthest and the most distant location was occupied by a fortified lower castle (outer ward) on the northern side.

Current state

The castle has survived only in the form of poorly preserved fragments of the upper and middle ward. Admission to the castle’s hill area is free.

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