Kalinčiakovo – St Anne’s Church


Church of St. Anna was founded in the 12th century. In 1655, it passed into the hands of Calvinists, who added a tower. During the renovation in the 19th century, the outer walls of the nave and apse were reinforced with buttresses. In 1932, during the reconstruction works, romanesque windows and a portal were discovered, plasters were removed from them and a high quality romanesque wall was unveiled. Reconstruction works were also carried out in 1956, and more recently in 2003.


The romanesque church was built on a rectangular plan with a semicircular apse on the eastern side. It had two romanesque portals. Southern is still used, and the opposite from the north, transformed the baroque reconstruction. The shape of the portal is a simple solution with a semi-circular tympanum. The church was decorated with romanesque friezes and pilaster strips. Inside, it has a gallery in the form of a tribune, supported by the central pillar and two arcades. Stairs to it are located in a vaulted corridor, pierced in the thickness of the west wall of the nave. The gallery has not been vaulted, but, like the nave, it has a flat timber ceiling. This simple arrangement has been enriched by the support of both arcades by free-standing columns.

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Website apsida.sk, Kalinčiakovo.