Jedľové Kostoľany – Zivanska Tower


   The Živánska Tower was probably founded in the second half of the 14th century. It belonged to the nearby castle in Hrušov and guarded the former significant route through the Žitava valley. According to unconfirmed assumptions, the tower was connected by an underground tunnel with a castle. It is not known when its use was discontinued, or when it was destroyed, it could disintegrate from old age, but the earthquake is also not excluded.


   The tower consisted of several floors, it had from four to six storeys, its height reached 40 meters, and the wall thickness to 2,70 meters. The entrance to the tower was on the first floor and was accessible only from the ladder. As a building material, andesite was used, as a mortar, lime and river gravel were used. This material corresponds to the building materials of the castle in Hrusov, as well as its construction technique.

Current state

   To this day, the northern part of the tower has survived, from which one can read the original thickness of the wall and the location of the windows. Entrance to the ruin is free.

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