Jazernica – St Barbara’s Church


   The church was built at the end of the 13th century or at the beginning of the 15th century on the foundations of an older building. It was rebuilt around 1517. From this period comes the late gothic wing altar, whose paintings are attributed to the master Hans, a collaborator of Master Pavel from Levoča. Another modification of the temple took place around 1730, when a wooden matroneum was placed in the space of the nave, increasing the capacity of the church.


   The church is a single-nave structure with a semicircular chancel on the eastern side, smoothly passing into the nave, and a sacristy on the northern side. Due to the rather archaic and simple layout, problem of the origins of the church arose, resembling structures from the transitional Romanesque-Gothic period (e.g. the church in Beluša).
   On the south side of the nave and the externally not separated chancel, late Gothic windows were pierced: two two-light, splayed from the outside windows in the part for the congregation, and one, also two-light and splayed, but wider in the priestlu part of the church. In addition, the presbytery was illuminated by a small cylindrical opening. In the west façade there is an ogival entrance portal and a window illuminating the attic in the gable part. Inside, the presbytery was covered with a six-section rib vault.

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