Jakub – St James Church


The church was built in the twenties of the fourteenth century, more or less at the time of the foundation of the village itself, whose name comes from the temple. About half a century later, the first reconstruction under which the chancel was changed was made, at the initiative of the zupan of Zvolen, Donč. In 1413 nearby Banská Bystrica was visited by bishop Benedykt, vicar of the Esztergom archbishop John  III, who gave the temple indulgences, and then in 1473 another Esztergom vicar, Michael Milkoviensis, gave another. Thanks to the prosperity and mining of Bystrica, these subsidies ensured development and funds for further reconstructions, lasting until 1516. Then vaults of the nave and presbytery were created, as well as new gothic windows. In the restless 17th century, during the anti-Habsburg uprisings and the threat from the Turks, the church was fortified with a stone wall with shooting holes.


The original church from the fourteenth century consisted of a nave ended with a square chancel. Reconstruction from the second half of the fourteenth century transformed the chancel of the church into the present, polygonal, gothic block. The main nave is approximately 14 meters long and 8,6 meters high, supported by 6 internal and 2 external buttresses. The nave lighting is provided by four gothic windows, one of which is on the west side and the other three on the south. The entire northern wall of the nave is devoid of openings and windows. The chancel windows are narrower and longer compared to the naves, which indicates their earlier creation. On the north side there is a sacristy with a rectangular shape and one small window. The interior of the nave and chancel has a beautiful stellar vault from the 15th century, the sacristy is crowned with a rib vault.

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