Hrušov – St Anne’s Chapel


   The chapel was built at the end of the fourteenth or early fifteenth century in the vineyards above the village in the place of an older sacred building. The repairs were carried out in the years 1522 and 1603. In 1739, the baroque reconstruction of the building took place, during which a semicircular eastern apse was erected. During this period, the building was looked after by a hermit and pilgrimages took place there. Another important renovation lasted at the turn of the 70’s and 80’s of the XX century, when research was carried out and medieval polychromes were discovered.


   The chapel was built in the middle of the forest, on a slope above the village. It took the form of a small, gothic aisleless building erected on a rectangular plan. Its southern façade was pierced with two splayed, originally rather narrow windows. Inside there was a two-bay cross-rib vault with ribs mounted on small corbels. The walls in the Middle Ages were covered with colorful polychromes.

Current state

   The chapel was slightly modified in the early modern period. It was enlarged by a semicircular apse on the eastern side, and the original gothic windows on the south side were partially bricked up and modified to a rather strange oval shape (due to the use of fragments of the original jambs). Additionally, two round windows were pierced in the northern part of the nave. In recent years, the building has been renovated by local congregation.

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