Horná Mičiná – St Michael’s Church


   The St Michael’s church was built at the beginning of the fourteenth century, as a typical rural church at that time. At the end of the fourteenth century, the building was decorated with frescos, probably authored by the same artist who painted St. Juraj struggling with the dragon in the church in Čerín. In the eighteenth century, the church was renovated and received new equipment that has survived to the present. In 1963, it was recognized as a cultural monument.


   The church was erected on the slope of a hill above the village. Its simple structure consisted of a rectangular nave, square chancel on the eastern side, slightly narrower than the nave, and northern sacristy. In the southern wall of the nave, the original entrance portal was placed, and the second one with a pointed jamb in the western facade of the church. A characteristic feature of the building are high and very narrow windows, exceptionally long in the presbytery part. In accordance with the medieval building tradition, they were pierced only on the eastern and southern sides, while only a small oculus without tracery was placed in the western facade. The northern part of the church was completely devoid of openings. The interior was decorated with murals. The chancel was cross-vaulted, the sacristy was barrel-vaulted, and the nave was covered with a wooden flat ceiling.

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