Holice na Ostrove – church of St Peter and St Paul


The church was built in the first half of the 13th century. Its size indicates the wealth of the village, which was then the property of the castle in Bratislava. The first written mention of the church comes from 1253. Around 1320, the temple was vaulted with a gothic vault, and the interior was covered with rich frescoes. Other paintings and richly decorated pastophorium were created around 1400. The church was rebuilt during a thorough reconstruction after 1880. The nave received a new, lower than original, ribbed vault. This led to to destroy of gothic brackets. On the northern side of the nave, new windows were cut out, and the original ones were enlarged. The western façade has also been changed, but it is possible that the original look has been roughly preserved. Wall paintings from the gothic period were discovered only in 1990, they were unveiled and restored in 1991-1992.


The church is a romanesque-gothic building consisting of a nave, a multi-sided chancel and a two-tower western facade. Until the seventeenth century, there was also the original sacristy on the north side. The entrance to the church was on the south side, where a part of the arched, romanesque portal has been preserved. Inside, you can see the unique tower-shaped pastophorium from around 1400.

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