Dúbravica – St Sophia’s Church


   The church was built in the 15th century on the initiative and foundation of the local noble Dúbravic family. At the beginning of the 16th century, the interior of the church was decorated with Gothic – Renaissance paintings and a new altar. Some time after the Dúbravic family left the village, around 1588, the northern chapel was transformed into a sacristy. As part of this change, a wide arcade which opened onto the nave was walled up and a smaller entrance was created. In the 18th century, a baroque reconstruction was carried out, which mainly affected inner equipment and the sacristy, which was raised to the form of a tower. In 1997, the church was renovated.


   The church was built as a small, aisleless building with a narrower, polygonal chancel and a small tomb chapel of the founders on the north side. Its interior was illuminated by large ogival windows filled with Gothic traceries, and on the south side, a Gothic saddle portal led to the nave. The chancel was topped with a cross-rib vault, similar was also in the northern chapel, originally open to the nave with a large semicircular arcade. The chapel’s vault was fastened with a boss decorated with the Dúbravice’s shield. Three niches in the walls of the church were made: two with a semicircular recesses (originally they could have been used as sedilia) and one smaller, rectangular.

Current state

   The church is a good example of rural sacral architecture from the late Gothic period, devoid of major early modern transformations. These were mainly limited to the northern chapel rebuilt into a sacristy and raised to the form of a baroque tower. Inside the church, late-Gothic vaults and fragments of Gothic-Renaissance wall paintings have been preserved. The southern portal in the nave and tracery windows have also survived from the original architectural details. Several dozen meters from the church there are ruins of a Gothic castle or Dúbravice’s court, the oldest part of which dates back to the mid-15th century.

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