Dračí Hrádok – castle


Dračí Hrádok or Dragon Castle was probably built in the second half of the thirteenth century on the royal initiative, to protect the nearby road through the Little Carpathians. It was destroyed as a result of a fire in the first half of the fifteenth century. Probably its end was connected with Hussite invasions to the area of present-day Western Slovakia.


The main element of the castle was a large tower measuring 10 x 10 meters and a wall thickness of 2.5 meters. It was protected by steep slopes and earth ramparts, probably topped with timber palisades. The ditch at the tower was 17 meters wide and 6 meters deep.

Current state

The remains of the castle are limited to two walls of the tower with a height of up to 2 meters. In some placesare are visible traces of earth ramparts and moat, the whole is densely overgrown with vegetation.

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