Divín – castle


The castle was built at the end of the 13th century. At the beginning it belonged to the families of Tomaj and Lossonczy, through which it was gradually rebuilt. After the rebellion of magnates in 1471, it came under the rule of king Matthias Corvinus. It played an important role in the defense system of central Slovakia cities against the Turks, especially in the 16th century. After the capture of Fiľakovo by the Turks in 1554, the castle was extended and fortified. Despite the new fortifications, it was captured by the Turks in 1575. It came to the Balass family after a successful siege in 1593. The Balass invaded and looted the surrounding villages, that’s why the imperial army captured, set fire and blew up the castle, and the family’s assets the emperor confiscated. It happened in 1673 or 1679, or only in 1683, after the death of Imrich Balassa. The castle was given to the Zichy family, but it was never rebuilt.


The oldest part of the stronghold, meaning the upper castle, had the shape of a curved oval with dimensions of 44 by 25 meters. The wall thickness was up to 2 meters. To the southern part of the defensive wall residential buildings were placed. Water was provided by a tank carved in the rock on the courtyard. The entrance gate was located in the eastern part, protected by a tower protruding from the face of the walls and accessible on a timber ramp. From the western, southern and eastern sides, fortified outer ward stretched. The second stage of the medieval construction was the erection of the outer perimeter of the defensive wall in the 15th century. By it led the entrance road from the west, up to the gate tower to the east.

Current state

The castle has been preserved in the form of a ruin. In the best condition survived the upper castle residential building, whose fragments of the walls reach 11 meters and together with the tower give the castle a distinctive look. The castle is open to visitors.

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