Čierny Brod – church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary


The church was built in the second or third decade of the 13th century. Around 1550, the building was enlarged. The original apse was replaced by a polygonal presbytery, a tower was added from the west, and the central nave was widened with aisles. At the end of the seventeenth century, the temple was in bad condition, in the second decade of the eighteenth century there was even the threat of collapse. The change took place in 1752 when a thorough renovation of the building was carried out. An important breakthrough in the architectural development of the building was a fire in 1915. In the following years, the aisles were removed and original facades were discovered. Another reconstruction of the church took place in 1940-1943. At that time, the tower was removed and the façade was restored to the original state.


Originally, the church was a single-nave building, rectangular in plan, towerless and probably with a semicircular apse. Its facades are decorated with brick arcades forming one of the most beautiful examples of a romanesque wall. On the side walls there are twelve of them, the west one has eight arcades. Romanesque portals have been preserved in the western and southern walls of the nave. The original vault of the chancel was demolished and replaced with a flat timber ceiling.

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