Čičava – castle


In 1270, the Hungarian king Stefan V, for merits in the fight against the Czechs, gave the land in Čičava to his master of the horse, Rajnold, who erected a castle that was the center of the knight’s domain and a frontier watchtower. The first major extension of the castle took place at the end of the 14th century. At that time, the estate was managed by the descendants of Rajnold, members of the mighty family of Rozgonyi. In the following centuries, the stronghold changed its owners many times. During the anti-Habsburg uprisings, the castle was repeatedly invaded and destroyed by the troops of Rákóczi and Thököly. When in 1711 the imperial troops recaptured it from the hands of the rebels, general Laucken ordered to demolish the fortifications and from that time the castle remaines in ruin.


The oldest part of the stronghold was the upper castle from the end of the 13th century or beginning of the 14th century. The original perimeter of the walls closed a small courtyard with residential buildings. On the north side there was a corner tower – bergfried, providing control over the gateway. It had at least four storeys and was provided with a spur strengthening its construction. Its walls were very thick, because while its outer diameter in the ground floor was 11 meters, the length of the interior diameter was only 5.5 meters. Large thickness had also walls, it were 1.5-2 meters wide; in the 16th century it were additionally thickened on the eastern side, reaching 3 – 3.5 meters. In north-east corner was a tower, the shape of which was adapted exactly to the form of a rock. To the north of the upper castle there was an outer bailey, reinforced with a defensive wall and two towers. In the early modern period, on the eastern side of the upper castle, a semicircular tower was built – a bastion, adapted to firearms.

Current state

To the present times, fragments of defensive walls, remains of the eastern range of the upper castle and the eastern part of the outer bailey walls, have survived.

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