Čachtice – St Anthony’s Chapel


   The chapel was built at the beginning of the 14th century, near the parish church. It was already mentioned on the list of papal tithes from 1332 – 1337. During the construction of the parish church, completed in 1390, the chapel served as a substitute temple. Similarly, it was used during the reformation in 1550-1660, when the parish church belonged to Protestants and the chapel to Catholics. In the first half of the 17th century, the interior of the chapel was decorated with late Renaissance stucco decorations, and in 1729 the chapel was renovated.


   The chapel was built as a small, orientated building with a rectangular nave, a polygonal chancel on the eastern side and a sacristy on the north. The interior of the chapel was illuminated by four pointed windows decorated with trefoil traceries, and a simple western portal led inside. In the northern wall of the chancel, a Gothic portal originally led to the sacristy. Inside, the nave and chancel were separated by a chancel arcade. The priestly part was covered with a cross vault with ribs fastened with a boss decorated with the shield of Stibor Stiboric. The consoles supporting the ribs were decorated with masks.

Current state

   The building has been preserved in its original Gothic style with some original architectural details such as: portals, windows with trefoil tracery, vaults with ribs, boss and corbels. The sacristy has not survived to modern times.

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