Bratislava – city defensive walls


Brick fortifications of Bratislava were built from the end of the 13th century, beginning of the 14th century. They obtained their final form in the first half of the sixteenth century, when they were reinforced for fear of Turkish invasion. They surrounded the city until the eighteenth century, when they were demolished by order of Maria Teresa.


The defensive wall was built of stone and had a width of 130 to 160 cm. At the top it had a battlement. Four gates led to the town: Michael’s Gate (Michalská) from the north, Lawrence Gate (Laurinská) from the east and Vydrická from the west side. In the 15th century, the south Fisherman’s Gate was put into use (Rybárska) leading towards the river and the fortifications were strengthened with a second, lower, outer line of fortifications.

Current state

Up to the present day survived the Michael’s Gate and a fragment of fortifications near the cathedral of St. Martin. At the Michael’s Gate there is now a Museum of Weapons and defensive walls.

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