Bodice – St Ladislaus Church


The church was most probably built in the years 1360-1380. Its founder could be a powerful Upper-Hungarian magnate of the first half of the fourteenth century, Zvolen zupan, Doncz. In the eighteenth century, a choir was built in the nave, and major reconstructions took place in the nineteenth century. In 1854, a tower was added, which was transformed in the year 1890 in the neo-gothic style. In the same year, most of the temple equipment was replaced.


The church was built in the gothic style, made of stone, orientated, single-nave. The nave is double-span with a rib vault. It passes into the same high and wide, single-span chancel, ended on three sides. On the bosses of the vault of the nave are visible bas-reliefs depicting a burning arrow, probably a sign of the founder. Noteworthy is the lack of a chancel arch, characteristic rather of gothic monastic temples. The nave and the chancel are covered with a joint, gable roof. Outside the church is surrounded with prominent buttresses. It has high and very narrow windows. A gothic sacristy is added from the north.

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