Bíňa – church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


   The church was created as part of the now-defunct Premonstratensian monastery around 1200 on the initiative of the komes Omodej, before the crusade, to which he went with king Andrew II in 1217 or 1218. In the 16th and 17th centuries, the territory of Binet and the abandoned monastery were ruled by the Turks. The monastery complex was conquered in 1683 by Polish troops, which led to the destruction of most of the buildings. In the eighteenth century, the baroque reconstruction of the temple, and in the nineteenth century, the restaurant was made. Large destruction affected the building during World War II.


   The church was built as a single-nave building with two towers in the west elevation. To the east a rectangular chancel with a central apse and two smaller ones from the north and south was erected. The central apse consists of seven sides, the side ones are pentagonal. Their external facades are divided by blind arcades, and the lighting is provided by relatively high windows.
   The church is unique because of its proportions, because the western part with the porch, towers and internal gallery is longer than the nave with the apse. What’s more, the gallery (matroneum) is a kind of transition between the two-tower front and the nave. The inter-tower part was crowned with a cross-ribbed vault. The gallery also had an extension in the form of a tribune, occupying the entire western span of the nave. Gallery was probably connected by small portals with floors of the towers, it also had two semicircular altar niches, symmetrically placed in the thickness of the walls, constituting the base of the arcade, which the gallery opened onto the nave. The west façade originally had a large rose window, later covered by a high porch.
   Inside there are rich romanesque decorations in the form of floral and figural motifs on consoles, brackets and bosses.

Current state
   The church is one of the most valuable examples of romanesque architecture in Slovakia, unfortunately, a thorough renovation from the 19th century makes it difficult to read the original form of the interior of the building.

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Website apsida.sk, Bíňa.