Beluša – St Anne’s Chapel


The church was built around 1300. Apparently in the fourteenth century, the interior was colored and decorated with wall paintings, after which only remains are visible. The building lost its original position when a new church of St. Elizabeth of Hungary was built next to it in 1560. From the second half of the eighteenth century, the building ceased to serve the liturgical purpose and turned into a morgue. Later the church was used as a granary. In 1817 it was repaired and subsequent repairs connected with the researches were carried out in the years 1968 – 1969.


The chapel was created as a simple structure with an almost square nave and semi-circular apse on the east side. The ogival entrance portal is located in the west façade. Only two small and narrow windows in the southern façade and one in the eastern provided lighting inside. On the north side there is only a small slit opening. The interior was originally covered with gothic wall polychromes. Chapel has been preserved in its original shape, as one of the few medieval religious buildings.

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