Belá Dulice – Corpus Christi Church


   Belá Dulice was first mentioned in written sources in 1282, the local church and parish, however, did not appear on the papal tithes list from the 1330s, although the temple was built between the mid-13th and mid-14th centuries. In the 17th century, the western tower and the wall around the temple were added. From 1647, the church served evangelicals who used it until 1709. After reconstruction in 1749, the timber ceiling was replaced with a new baroque vault. In 1856, the tower received a new roof. In the twentieth century, only minor renovations of the building were carried out.


   The church was built as a simple, one-nave orientated structure with a square chancel on the eastern side and a sacristy on the north side. Originally, there was a pointed portal in the west facade, another gothic portal led from the chancel to the sacristy. Recently, a gothic portal in the southern wall of the nave was also discovered. Inside the presbytery, a gothic cross vault was used, mounted on consoles decorated with masks, while the nave originally had a wooden, flat ceiling. The lighting was provided by narrow and tall lancet windows.

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