Banská Štiavnica – New Castle


   The New Castle in Banská Štiavnica was built during the period of Turkish danger in the years 1564 – 1571 on an hill called Frauenberg, as a watchtower and signal tower. Inside, the powder used in the mines was also stored. Until 1848, the castle was equipped with 21 guns.


   The New Castle is a massive six-level tower with four smaller towers on the sides. Initially, it had only a north-western and south-east tower, the other two were added in the 17th century. The building has numerous arrowslits and embrasures, and the entrance to the center is placed at the height of the first floor. The ground floor had cross vaults supported by central pillars. The remaining floors, except vaulted rooms in smaller towers, had simple timber ceilings.

Current state

   Currently, the Renaissance building houses the Slovak Mining Museum with an exhibition of militaria and an exhibition on the defensive role of the castle and its significance in the wars against the Turks. In addition, it offers a good view of the historic town center.

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