Banská Bystrica – church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


   The village of Banská Bystrica was founded after the Mongol invasion of 1241, initially under the name of Neusolhl, Neo Solium, or Novy Zvolen. The construction of the church in it began around 1255, when king Bela IV, granted German settlers a privilege of the Štiavnica law, in which, among other things, they were granted the right to freely choose the parish priest.
   In the fourteenth century, the church was enlarged and expanded in the Gothic style with a sacristy and a new chancel. In the years 1473-1516 a new oratory over the sacristy and side chapels of Saint Andrew, Saint Barbara, Corpus Christi, Saint Anthony and Saint John Almoner were added.
   A large part of its interior was destroyed by the great fire of 1500. An even larger fire broke out in 1761, when the interior furnishings were destroyed in the church, including the main altar of almost 20 meters high, designed by Master Pavol of Levoča. After this fire, the church was rebuilt in the baroque style. Later, the temple was restored several times.


   The original church from the 13th century was a small building consisting of one nave, a square chancel from the east side and a low tower on the west side. The gothic church was still a one-nave building with a cross vault inside, but it had a sacristy on the north side, side chapels at the north and south side of the nave, a narrower three-side ended chancel and a tower raised by two floors.

Current state

   Among the medieval furnishings in the church there are a bronze baptismal font, made by master Jodak in 1476 and the most valuable monument in the gothic chapel of St. Barbara – a skilful gothic altar, carved in 1509 by Master Pavol of Levoča. On the south side of the nave there is an altar of Saint Mary Magdalene from the end of the fifteenth century, and in the niche of the southern facade of the church, a late-gothic sculptural work of an unknown author from the end of the 15th century.

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