Żukowice – St Hedwig’s Church


The church in Żukowice was mentioned in 1376. The present building dates back to the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries. It was rebuilt in the years 1583-1587 when the tower and burial chapel of the family von Berge were added. During the Reformation in 1530 the church took over the Protestants, whose use it until 1653.


The church is a brick building, one nave with a rectangular chancel. In the western part there is the burial chapel of the von Berge family from the 16th century, and from the south there is a tower from the fifteenth or sixteenth century. A small sacristy was added to the northern wall of the presbytery. The oldest element of equipment is a baptismal font made of sandstone from the 13th / 14th century.

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