Żmijewo – St James’ Church


   Church of St. James in Żmijewo was erected in the first half of the 14th century from the foundation of the Teutonic Order. At that time it was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. During the Polish-Teutonic war in 1414, it suffered, not known closer, damages, estimated at 150 grzywna (medieval Polish unit of weight, mainly in silver). In the second half of the sixteenth century, it was for some time in the hands of Protestants, but still in the same age it was recovered by Catholics. In 1935 it was completely renovated, similarly in the years 1994-1997.


   The church was built on the plan of an elongated rectangle, without an externally separated chancel. From the west side, a squat tower was lightly embedded into the nave, the porch was placed next to the south wall, and the sacristy was placed at the north-eastern corner. The façade of the church is decorated with ogival blendes and a plastered frieze. The eastern wall is crowned with a Gothic stepped gable with lesenes leading into pinnacles, between which semicircular blendes were placed. The roof over the nave is gable, while the tower is covered with a hip roof. The interior of the nave was covered with a timber flat ceiling.

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