Złotoryja – church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary


   The church began to be build, by the inhabitants of the settlement, in the first decade of the 13th century. The building of the temple was patronized by prince Henry the Bearded, who in 1211 gave Złotoryja municipal rights. In 1233, Herman, the first known parson of the church, was mentioned. Around 1270 the patronage of the church took over the Knights Hospitallers Order, which for centuries had a great influence on the expansion and renovation of the church. Construction work was completed at the turn of the 13th and 14th century. The building was destroyed several times by fires. From the west, in the years 1482 – 1485 tower was erected. A similar tower was built around 1485 from the east of the temple. In the 18th century the towers were crowned with baroque helmets. In the years 1914-1918 a general renovation of the temple was carried out, exposing, among others, romanesque foundations.


   A church built of sandstone was erected in stages and, as the sources said, the concept of the whole were changed at least twice. First came out foundations of the eastern part, the presbytery and the transept, which was planned to be completed by three semicircular apses, but when the foundations rose above the ground, the chancel was given a pentagonal form. The other two apses at the transepts were semicircular.
   Low arcades testify that the nave was initially planned to be erected in the form of a basilica, that is with the central nave higher than the side aisles and illuminated with its own windows, but works related to the second stage of construction were resumed in accordance with the new concept in which the hall church was built in the fourteenth century.

The third stage of construction was connected with the supply of the remaining bays and pillars of the corpus, constructing of the main portal and the western, quadrangular at the base, the higher octagonal tower. The temple was covered with a rib vault. The second tower was built from the east of the temple to the chancel. The sacristy was built in the first half of the 16th century, covered with net vault. On the south side at the intersection of the nave, around 1523, was built the chapel of Holy Cross.

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