Złotnik – Vogt’s Court


   The Gothic-Renaissance building was built in 1534. It is referred to as the “court” or “manor”, although its original destiny remains unknown. Only one can assume that it was the seat of the village’s vogt, the village’s administrators, village’s inn, granary, hospital or monastery building, what is so probable that it was located in the close vicinity of the church of St. John. The last renovation of the roof of the building was probably carried out in 1722 with the use of older, well-preserved roof tiles. In the following centuries, only local additions were made to the roof.


   The building was erected on a rectangular plan, it is a two-storey house with basement, made of stone and, to a lesser extent, of brick. Inside the part of the ground floor rooms there are barrel-rib vaults, barrel vault in the basement and beamed ceiling in the upstairs hall, supported on a pole with a decorative head.

Current state

   Since the end of World War II, virtually no renovation works have been carried out in the building, which led it near a construction disaster. The court was saved by a group of monuments lovers who carried out the most urgent security works. The renovation was continued at the turn of 2019 and 2020, when it was possible to carry out professional conservation and construction works on the roof truss, roofing and wooden ceiling above the ground floor. Importantly, it was decided to completely preserve the original tile with a minimum of interference in the structure of the roof truss and to supplement the beam ceiling with the maximum use of historical material. It is planned to open a museum of old building ceramics in the renovated interior and make it available to visitors.

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