Żelazno – tower house


   The tower was probably built in the late 15th century. Its founder is unknown, although historians point to the figure of the burgrave of Kłodzko castle, Jacob Stanke von Koritau, owner of local goods. The original function of the tower is also unknown, and may only serve as a medieval watchtower. During the Thirty Years War in 1646 the tower was destroyed by fire. In 1727 it was rebuilt, plastered and covered with a new roof. In 1966 a general renovation was carried out.


   The building has a rectangular plan with a projection size of 6,5×7 meters. It is covered with a high, hip roof and reconstructed hoarding. Originally it was probably four-storey. The walls on the first floor preserve the relics of the latrine and narrow windows interpreted as openings or ventilation holes. There are no traces of larger windows, which would suggest that it had not primarily a residential function. The ground floor was covered with a ceiling supported by stone corbels which have survived to the present times. Each floor contained a two-way communication system with ladder stairs, separated by a partition.

Current state

   Today the tower is privately owned. Thanks to the new owner, it has regained its medieval look, by removing the external plastering and reconstruction of the hoarding.

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