Zalewo – St John’s Church


   Construction of the brick temple began in 1320. By 1325 a chancel was erected, while in 1335-1350 a naval corps was erected. A new building dedicated to St. John the Apostle was consecrated in 1351. In 1407 a bell tower was built. It was reduced by two meters and received its present shape in 1723. In 1560 a separate temple was erected along the northern wall of the church, in which Polish-language services were held. This extension, already ruined, was demolished in 1820. In 1815, the sacristy was erected. For several centuries, the church has been refurbished several times.


   The church in Zalewo is a gothic, oriented, one-nave building. It was built on a plan of a rectangle, made of brick on a stone pedestal. On the east side is placed rectangular chancel, narrower and lower than the nave.
On the western side there is a square tower with a height of 30 meters. It was divided into three floors by pointed blendes. On the upper storey of the highest blendes, they are closed with a semicircular arch and are divided into frames. The portal to the tower has pointed and rich profiles. Its first floor is connected to the temple.
Walls of the nave have buttresses and are divided by windows with pointed arches, having neo-gothic tracery. The east wall of the chancel is adorned with blendes and pinnacles
. The nave and presbytery are covered with timber flat ceilings.

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