Zacharzowice – St Lawrence’s Church


   St. Lawrence’s church in Zacharzowice was erected around 1580, on the site of an older temple mentioned in 1447. It was built by evangelicals, which the owners of Zacharzowice, Myszkowscy, passed the church to the board. Around 1675 the tower was added. In the following centuries the church was no longer transformed, only since the seventeenth century it has been repaired several times.


   The church is an orientated temple made in a log structure, with a tower of pole structure and shingled roofs. It has an elongated, triangular chancel and a nave and tower on the square shape. From the north to the chancel adjoins the sacristy. They are led by a rectangular door with fittings from the end of the 16th century. The nave and chapels are covered by arcades. Above them are single window openings of the same size, closed with a semicircular arcs.

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