Wschowa – St Stanislaus Church


The first reference to the existence of the parish in Wschowa comes from a document from 1326, in which the local parson Jordan served as a witness. The church itself had probably existed before. In 1498, it was already a brick building that was destroyed many times during the numerous fires of Wschowa, among others in 1435 and 1529. During the Reformation, for several years, the temple was used by Protestants who returned it over to the Catholic community in 1604. Once again the church burned down in 1685. Eventually, the temple was rebuilt in 1720-1726 according to the Italian architect Pompeo Ferrari. In this state the church has survived to this day.


Originally it was a gothic church, probably with three naves with a lofty tower from the west and a chancel on the eastern side with a straight wall. Currently, the medieval character have only the tower and the choir with a net vault, probably created after the reconstruction after the fire of 1527. During the reconstruction, the presbytery was also enclosed with side aisles of equal height.

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Website, Kościół św. Stanisława Biskupa i Męczennika we Wschowie.