Wrocki – St Martin’s Church


   Church of St. Martin was built at the end of the 13th century. In the middle of the fourteenth century a nave was extended, a chancel was erected. Tower was added in the following century. At the beginning of the 17th century the church was destroyed during the Polish-Swedish war and then rebuilt. In 1925 it was thoroughly renovated and a porch was added.


   Church of St. Martin consists of a three-bay nave, two-bay chancel and a tower. The nave is made of stones, chancel and tower is made of bricks in flemish (gothic) bond with zendrówka bricks. The chancel has a rib vault and a nave is covered with timber ceiling. To the church leads from the west a two-stepped, pointed portal. A characteristic feature of the church is the fragmentation of the tower facades with numerous longitudinal blendes.

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Website icimss.edu.pl, Wrocki – kościół pw. św. Marcina.