Wozławki – St Anthony’s Church


   The church in Wozławki was erected in the years 1370-1380. In the second half of the fifteenth century, it was enlarged by adding a tower, and then beautified by adding Gothic gables to the nave and tower. In the years 1727-1728, on the south side of the church, a Baroque chapel of St. Brunon was added, from the foundation of the Warmian canon Gotfryd von Eulenburg. Unfortunately, the original appearance of the interior of the church was changed during this period. The building was renovated again in 1877.


   The church is a building orientated towards the sides of the world and made of brick on a stone foundation. It has a very elongated, aisleless nave, a Gothic sacristy on the north side and a massive tower on the west side. The chancel is finished on the east side with a straight wall, topped with a gable decorated with blendes and pinnacles. The four-storey tower is also decorated with stylish stepped-pinnacle gables. Both the tower and the nave are covered with a gable roof. Unfortunately, the nave anf chancel windows have been transformed in the early modern period. Originally, they probably had a pointed form.

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