Wołów – St Lawrence’s Church


The construction of the church in Wołów began in 1391. In the years 1406-1408 it was covered with vaults, but unfortunately in 1465 it burned down, which resulted in the first major renovation. Originally a Catholic temple, however, since the Reformation in the sixteenth century, until the second half of the twentieth century served to Protestants. In 1504, prince John II the Mad, a controversial and adventurous ruler, the last prince of Głogów and Żagań from the Piast dynasty, was buried in the Wołów temple. Another fire touched the building in 1689, and in 1711 it underwent renovation works. In 1908, the church was enlarged with a porch on the western side.


The church is a brick building, orientated towards the sides of the world. It consists of a three-nave and four-span, hall structure and an elongated and narrower chancel, finished on the east with three sides. On the north side there is a four-sided tower. The building is reinforced with buttresses, between which large, ogival windows are placed. The chancel and naves had a rib vaults.

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