Wolin – collegiate of St Nicholas


The present church of St. Nicholas appears in the sources in 1288 when the Cistercian Order was handed it over. In the 14th century it was rebuilt in gothic style. In the 15th century the church had to be rebuilt after the construction catastrophe mentioned in the sources. After the fire in 1628, the vaults were removed and the main nave was lowered, covering the entire church with a ceiling. The upper part of the windows in the eastern wall and the pointed connection of the nave with the inside of the tower were also walled up. It was only during this reconstruction that wooden matronea were erected and baroque furnishings were made. Further reconstruction took place at the end of the 18th and 19th centuries. As a result of the general reconstruction in the years 1857-1898, the longitudinal and lateral walls of the aisles were demolished and erected again, the highest part of the eastern gable and the upper part of the tower rebuilt. Recent renovations due to the almost complete destruction of the temple during World War II consisted of rebuilding the church’s tower and restoring sacred functions to the whole object.


Can not say how exactly the 13th century, the original temple looked. After the reconstruction from the 14th century it was an hall, three-nave, brick, gothic building in the form of a pseudobasilic with a western tower on a square plan. The eastern part did not have an externally separated chancel, it ended with a straight wall.

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Website parafiawolin.pl, Kolegiata pw. św. Mikołaja Biskupa.