Wola Radziszowska – church of the Assumption


The church in Wola Radziszewska was built at the end of the fifteenth century, on the site of an older temple, related with the location of the village in the fourteenth century. Probably a hundred years later a tower was added. In 1893, the building was covered with polychromes.


The church is a building orientated towards the sides of the world, made of larch wood in a log construction, without the use of nails. It consists of a square nave and a narrower, three-side ended chancel. From the north, the sacristy adheres to it. From the west side of the church there is a later tower, crowned with a porch, with slightly sloping walls and a pole – frame construction. The roof, which is common for the nave and the presbytery, has been covered with shingle, while the whole building is covered with vertical planks. The most valuable element of the equipment is the image of the Virgin Mary with the Child, dated to 1460, painted on a lime tree board in one of the Kraków ateliers. Gothic, ogival portals have also survived.

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