Wojtaszyce – church of Our Lady


   The church in Wojtaszyce was erected in the 16th century, and probably in the next century a timber tower was added. In the 18th century, a reconstruction was carried out, during which, unfortunately, the shape of the windows and the entrance portal were changed.


   The church was erected as a small, rural, aisleless temple on a rectangular plan. For its construction, erratic stones and bricks, as well as wood for the tower added from the west, were used. The shorter façades of the church were decorated with gables, of which the eastern one has shallow niches and two small windows. Both the windows and the entrance portal have been transformed in early modern times. The free-standing tower was erected in a pole construction with walls that are narrowing towards the top. The interior of the church was topped with a flat timber ceiling and a gallery (matroneum).

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