Wojnowice – castle


   Wojnowice has been in sources since the 13th century as a small property in which later the farm works. The beginning of the castle dates back to the 14th century. In the 15th century it belonged to various Silesian families, among others von Schellendorf and von Krickov. In the 16th century its owners were the families of the townspeople of Wrocław, of whom the Schewitzers were of utmost importance. The new owner in the years 1515-1530 began demolishing the castle with a view to reconstruction it in the late Gothic – Renaissance style. In the years 1537-1576 the goods belonged to Boner, who completed the construction of the castle. Then the residence was often passed from hand to hand of various middle-class Silesian families. The last private owner in 1940-1945 was von Livonius family.


   The castle from the 16th century consisted of a four-winged building with an inner courtyard. It was 22×24 meters in size and was surrounded by a moat with a bridge on the north side. At the gate was a slender turret, and the individual wings received stepped gables. The courtyard was given Renaissance arcades and a well in the middle.

Current state

   Since 2014 the owner of the castle is the College of Eastern Europe in Wrocław, and since 2015 the castle is open to tourists. it include: restaurant, conference rooms, hotel rooms and foundation offices.

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