Wojnicz – bell tower


   The belfry was probably built in the first half of the sixteenth century, as evidenced by handwritten inscriptions, made with a grease used to lubricate bell bearings (1533 Anno Domini Laurentii, 1564 and Petri Anno Domini 1567). Mentions about the bellmen appear even earlier, namely from 1460. It is known that at the beginning of the sixteenth century there were already two of them. Their duties included mainly the service of bells, first three, from the seventeenth century four bells. They called several times a day, signaling services at a nearby collegiate church, as well as at special celebrations. The practice of ringing in the evening on the day the burgher died, stayed for a long time. The ringers had to know the rules of time calculation and run various registries, for which they were quite well rewarded.
Thorough repairs of the belfry were carried out at least twice. For the first time in the early seventeenth century and the second time in the second half of the eighteenth century. Also smaller in the nineteenth and early twentieth century were made. The last major renovation was carried out in 2007.


   The belfry is a timber structure in a pole construction, which has been used since the early Middle Ages. It was erected without the use of nails, with the overhang porch and shingle pyramid roof. The walls have been boarded, they tapering upwards. In the 16th century, three bells and a small signature bell were hung in the belfry.

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