Włocławek – St John the Baptist Church


The beginnings of St. John the Baptist church in Włocławek can be searched even in the 10th century when there was a hillfort church. The construction of the present church began at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries in place of the former building on the hill above the Vistula River. In 1538 it was consecrated and put into service. In 1565 a chapel of Eleven Thousand Virgines was built in the north, in 1580 a tower was added to the west, in 1622 the chancel was enlarged with a semicircular apse, and in 1635 the chapel of the Guardian Angels was added. In 1780 a small turret was added to the center of the church roof. In the past, it was flooded many times. Only the building of boulevards in the 19th century prevented the flooding of the church.


The appearance of the first church is unknown. The present temple was bricked up in gothic style, initially without a tower and main entrance. It is a one-nave church with a two-spaned chancel closed originally by a straight wall and now a semicircular apse. Nave is also a double span, of the same width and height as the chancel. From the west, a three-storey tower adjoins the nave.

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  1. I have searched for years to see this church. My grandparents were married here in 1904. The,original certificate was in Russian. Do you know how I can get a copy of this? Thank you

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