Wilkowo Polskie – St Hedwig’s Church


   The parish in Wilkowo, a noble’s village, the seat of the Awdaniec – Wilk, and then Bylin – Śreniawit families, was established in 1300. The church was founded around 1540 from the foundations of the then owner of the Wilkowo, Piotr Ossowski. Earlier, in the second half of the 15th century, beside the temple, a gothic defensive tower was erected, perhaps serving as the residence of the priest or local landlord. In the early 18th century the temple was surrounded by a wall, and in 1800 the porch was rebuilt.


   The church was built on a fairly high hill in the middle of the village. It was erected as an aisleless building, closed on three sides from the east, with a sacristy and a treasury from the north and a porch from the south. The interior was covered with a stellar vault of outstanding artistic value, and the walls were covered with figural polychromes. The internal façades were fragmented with chamfered lesenes.
   Next to the church, before its erection, a four-sided, free-standing tower was erected, with three-step buttresses. Originally, the entrance led to it at the height of the first floor. Further from the first floor to the ground floor was a spiral staircase. The tower probably besides the defensive function also had a residential role, as the fireplace was on the top floor.

Current state

   The church has been preserved in its original Gothic form. In its upper parts of the walls, you can still see figural polychrome from around the mid-sixteenth century. A valuable monument is located next to the church – a four-sided tower from the second half of the 15th century, now used as a bell tower.

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