Wieruszyce – castle


   The first castle in Wieruszyce was built in the 15th century. It belonged to the family Wieruscy coat of arms Szreniawa. In 1531 Wincenty Wieruski made castles extensive development, then his descendant, Sądecki standard-bearer Jan Wieruski, rebuilt the manor in the renaissance style. In possession of the Wieruscy manor remained until the mid-seventeenth century. Later owners, Ołtarzewscy, built a baroque mansion in vicinity and the renaissance castle they turned into a granary and a carriage. Declined monument was neglected until 1981 when it became privately owned.


   The oldest part of the foundation was south of the currently preserved building, on the edge of a plateau of an elevation falling into the valley of the Stradomka River. It was a rectangular building measuring 11×14 meters, probably a tower. In the second phase at the beginning of the 16th century, the previous foundation was expanded and a defensive tower of 14.5×15 meters was erected.
   The gothic-renaissance manor house of 1531 was erected on a rectangular plan with stone blocks and bricks.
On the north-east side is a large, circular tower of similar height. The manor house is covered with a very characteristic, high, two-sided roof covered with shingle. The tower is covered with a separate pyramid roof, also covered with shingle. On the south side the entrance is covered by a stone gothic portal. Windows are smaller on the lower floor, and larger, on the upper, renaissance. Around the bottom of the tower is a series of arrowslits. The barrel vaults in the lower storey are preserved. There are several portals in the cellars; on one of them is the construction date.

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