Wielopole – St Catherine’s Church


   The church was built in 1534, originally in Gierałtowice village, from the foundation of Stanisław Dabrowka. In 1676 it was renovated. In 1844, carpenter Mateusz Pindur from Chudów added tower to a square nave. The church was moved to its present place in the village of Wielopole in 1976.


   The church was built of wood, in a log technique, i.e. walls consisting of horizontally arranged wreaths made of wooden beams joined at the corners with locks. It received a rectangular nave and a slightly narrower, three-side ended chancel on the eastern side, with a sacristy on the north side. The later tower was built in a pole structure on the west side of the nave. It has shingled roofs and roofs with arcades. The chancel and the nave were covered with separate roofs covered with shingle. Two entrances led to the interior of the church: from the side of the tower with doors decorated with Gothic fittings, and from the side on the south side of the nave, preceded by a small porch. Inside, on the ceiling of the nave and chancel, there is a late-Gothic polychrome of a patron and ornamental character.

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