Wielkie Radowiska – St James’ Church


   Parish church of St. James was built in the first half of the 14th century, initially without a tower. The lower part of the tower was built around 1580 and the wooden top only in 1805. In the 18th century the chapel was added from the south, and from the north the sacristy was erected.


   The church was made of brick on a stone foundation. The orientated nave was erected on the plan of an elongated rectangle with a square tower on the west side. Under the eaves is a wide, plastered frieze. In the south wall there are alternating windows and blendes, and in the north wall three blendes and two windows. All windows and blades are pointed, in two stepped frames. The eastern gable from the turn of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries is decorated with six pinnacles and divided into three zones by friezes of extruded bricks. The lower, brick part of the tower is three-storey with a gradually decreasing height of the storeys.

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Plan odnowy miejscowości Wielkie Radowiska na lata 2009-2017, załącznik nr 1 do uchwały nr 53/09 Rady Gminy w Dębowej Łące. z dnia 29 grudnia 2009r.