Warta Bolesławiecka – castle


   The first record of the village of Warta, located on an important trade route, appeared in 1217. In the last quarter of the 13th century, the knight Petr of Warta was at the side of prince Henry of Głogów, but it is not certain whether his nickname referred to Warta Bolesławiecka. This one was certainly a knight’s seat from the fourteenth century. In 1340 Hentschelinus de Wartha appeared in written sources, in 1346 the local goods were owned by a certain Hans from Warta, from 1370 the brothers Wikhold and Kuntschke from Warta were recorded, and in 1397 cousins ​​Kuntschke and Hannos. The castle called Gwiezdno (Sternberg) was probably erected in the 15th century. Even in 1407, in the feudal deed it was not mentioned, so it had to be built a little later, probably before 1426, when it was to be recorded in the mention of the early modern chronicler. In that year, Emperor Sigismund was to approve the land of Warta and Sternau to the Zedlitz family. In 1540, a Renaissance manor house was built by Hans von Zedlitz nearby, which meant that the castle lost its importance and probably was abandoned soon after.


   The castle was built on a small, probably artificial hill, on the flat bottom of the stream valley. It was erected on a quadrilateral plan with a courtyard measuring approximately 15 x 21.5 meters, surrounded by sandstone wall. From the north and west it was protected by double moats and earth ramparts. The access road probably led from the north, i.e. from the side of the slope closing the floodplain terrace of the stream. The residential building located inside the perimeter, probably wooden, adjoined the western wall in the courtyard. It was at least two storeys high, separated by a flat, wooden ceiling.

Current state

   To this day, only fragments of the perimeter wall of the castle have survived, up to about 5 meters high. There are also visible remains of an earth ramparts and a double ditch (moat). Admission to the area of the castle relics located in the forest is free.

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