Tudorów – tower house


   The Tudorów castle was first mentioned in a document from 1371. At that time it’s owner was Pełka coat of arms Janina. In 1514 a village with a castle was purchased by Krzysztof Szydłowiecki, then Sandomierz castellan, and later the Crown Chancellor. In 1536 this property was acquired by the Tarnowski family. Later, the owners of Tudorów were Ostrogski, Lubomirski, Sanguszkowie, Potoccy and Karscy familis. The use of the tower ended in the seventeenth century.


   The tower was built on a rocky hill of about 140 m2. It was separated from the plateau by a moat and a stone – earth ramparts. The tower was erected with flat plates of slate and large blocks of limestone. The foundation of the building has a rectangular plan measuring 9.35 x 10.5 meters. The visible marks in walls show the existence of at least three storeys. Its current height is 20 meters, but it was probably higher by a few meters. In the western façade there was a pointed window. Other arrowslits were on the east and south sides. The tower acted as a keep, in its immediate vicinity there were two ponds, as well as a wooden farm and residential complex.

Current state

   The tower has been preserved in relatively good condition, but without half of the upper story. Around it is visible the outline of the ditch. Currently towet is in private hands. Its interior is not accessible for sightseeing.

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