Trzebiatów – St Mary’s Church


   The construction of the present temple was probably begun in the first quarter of the 14th century, when the older temple dedicated to Saint Nicholas, located in the former stronghold on the Rega River, has become too small. The construction was carried out in three stages, starting traditionally from the presbytery section. Then, around the mid-fourteenth century, a nave corpus was erected and perhaps at the end of the 14th century, the tower massif was added under the influence of the Kołobrzeg collegiate church. The upper parts of the tower and the church’s vaults were built in the first half of the fifteenth century. Since the sixteenth century, the temple was a Protestant church. In 1784, the tower was rebuilt, and in 1865-1867, the whole building was renovated and regothisated. After the Second World War, it became a Catholic church again. In 1986, renovation work was carried out.


   The church was located in the northern part of the town, on a plot separated from the market square by a building block, on the bank of the escarpment gently sloping towards the river. It obtained the form of a three-aisle, four-bay hall with a separate two-bay chancel, a western tower and a sacristy placed at the chancel from the north.
The presbytery was built on a square plan ended from the east by three sides. Its slender building was surrounded with buttresses and filled with Gothic windows with  lancet shape. The interior was covered with a cross-rib vault. A communications turret was erected at the site of the south wall of the chancel and the eastern wall of the southern aisle.
In the second stage of construction, a rectangular nave has been erected with dimensions of 57.8 x 24.2 meters. It had the form of a three-aisle hall. Aisles were founded on three pairs of octagonal, smooth pillars and two pairs of semi-pillars. Pillars support stellar vaults and roof truss. Perimeter walls have large three-light, pointed windows. At the south-west corner, a six-sided communication tower with a conical, brick helmet was located. On the east side, the nave is topped with a triangular gable, which is separated by narrow, lancet blendes.
In the last stage of the church construction a tower was erected. It was set on a plan of a rectangle, adjoining to the nave. It was not planned in the original concept, as evidenced by diagonal buttresses at the interface between the tower massif and the side aisles. The first floor, which is equal to the height of the aisles, houses a great porch divided into three bays. Each of them is closed with a stellar vault. On the axis of the tower, over the portal is a large window with moulded, pointed jambs. Also on the north and south sides are windows with identical appearance. The second floor is a square tower, which is a bell tower. All facades of this floor are decorated with pointed blendes with tracery fill. Some of the blendes are slit holes, through which the sound of bells is heard. This floor is completed with a platform from which the last, octagonal floor of the tower grows.

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