Trzebiatów – St Gertrude’s Chapel


   Chapel of St. Gertrude was founded in the 14th century along with hospital buildings by the town council Trzebiatów. It was located in accordance with the norms in the Middle Ages, outside the city walls. In the seventeenth century adjoining buildings were demolished, and the temple itself was dedicated to a warehouse and craft workshop. At the end of the nineteenth century, it was re-adapted to religious purposes and enlarged by two porches. From 1898 it served as a cemetery chapel, and since 1925 it was a chapel of the Roman Catholic Church.


   The chapel is a aisleless, three-bay, orientated, rectangular, 16×8 meters building with a polygonally ended chancel and a narrow tower on the western elevation. The erected walls were made of bricks on a stone foundation and with sloping buttresses. Between them there are symmetrically spaced windows with jambed, moulded sills with tracery. The western façade is most interesting. On its axis is a small turret in the form of advanced lesene. On the base there is an entrance portal with moulded, pointed jamb. Above it is a cornice and characteristic of the architecture of Trzebiatów, a semi-circle ended blend. The interior is covered with a rib vault, whose ribs fall down to the floor.

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