Trzebiatów – Holy Spirit Chapel


The chapel was built in the 13th century, and in the 15th century it was rebuilt. It was included in the hospital-care facilities funded by the city council of Trzebiatów. In 1534 the parliament of Pomerania was held in the chapel, where the princes Gryfici imposed their Protestant subjects as a state religion. Since the 18th century the chapel was a warehouse and later a fire station and a school building. After World War II it was dedicated to the needs of the Orthodox congregation.


The chapel was erected on a rectangular plan measuring 16,5 x 8,75 meters with a straight ended chancel. The walls were bricked on a stone foundation. The presence of the north-east buttresses suggests that the interior was originally vaulted. In the past, the entire body of the church was covered with windows of today’s unknown appearance.Perhaps they had a similar form to the present, created in the result of 19th-century changes. In the north-east elevation, the portal entrance is pierced and the second portal is located in the north-west elevation. This is undoubtedly the primary, main entrance to the church. The chapel’s top is richly decorated with two-tone blendes and rosettes. This decoration refers to the design of the towers of St. Mary’s church in Stargard. The south-west and south-east façades were directly adjacent to the wings of the hospital building, so they lack windows and decorations.

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